I suffered from chronic back pain since 1992 when I had an accident that broke my back in multiple places and lead to extensive surgery. Since I've been seeing Dr. Blitzstein and receiving his adjustments, I've seen remarkable improvement that I didn't think was possible. With his treatments I have less pain and more mobility. This is important to me because I am a senior citizen and like to lead a very active life.

I walk and play tennis regularly with less pain and discomfort. I heartily recommend Dr. Blitzstein to my friends and family. He is fantastic.


Wow! I can now turn my head totally to the right and left while driving rather than rotating around from my waist. I got my sons and daughter in law to come. There are no bigger skeptics than my two oldest children. He couldn't believe how it worked. He says Dr. Blitzstein has magic hands.


I had chronic pain in the area just below my shoulder blades for years and now the pain is gone. I'm sleeping better, not waking up with a backache in the middle of the night, have better posture and able to lie on my back without pain.


wo months into care my neck pain, Acid reflux, nausea and pain in my eyes – gone! But amazingly my knee pain disappeared. My medical doctor had suggested surgery for pain in my knees since childhood – but under care the pain is gone. I had no idea that the effects would be so profound.


I was having a lot of numbness and daily headaches when I saw Dr. Blitzstein who made it all go away!


Four years ago I fell down stairs, stripped the tendons from the front portion of the knee cap. I had to have surgery to reattach the tendons, which required drilling holes in the knee cap. Recovery was slow, I often felt as if I had a plate in my knee, my calf was swollen, and my back was beginning to be affected. To make matters worse I was still going up and down stairs using one leg. I had just about resided in this being the best I would ever be. After a day of raking leaves several weeks ago, I decided that something had to be done. That's when I met Dr. Blitzstein.

As with all things new, I was a little skeptical. After two appointments, my knee no longer felt as if I had a plate in it, and the back pain started to subside. It was so nice to cook a meal without having to sit down every 15 minutes, or leaning over the sink to relieve the back pain while doing dishes. I am also starting to use both legs going up and down the stairs. An unexpected benefit was also achieved...the arthritis pain I have felt in my left ankle for over ten years was relieved with the treatments applied to the feet. I wasn't expecting that! This is a sharing of information only. I get no benefit other than the pure pleasure of possible helping someone else. If I had been introduced to someone like Dr. Blitzstein two or even three years ago, I would be further along in my recovery. But it's never too late.